Get certified now

There are two ways you can become an eCIR:

Option 1 > Attending an approved training course

The Incident Handling & Response Professional (IHRP) course

Our course takes you from a basic-intermediate understanding of Incident Response activities to a Professional level.

IHRP course prepares you to the eCIR exam with the necessary theory and a number of hands-on practical sessions in Hera Lab.

Hera virtual lab in VPN, is the same environment in which you will perform your tests for the eCIR exam.

Option 2 > Attempting the certification directly

eLearnSecurity allows anybody to attempt the certification exam without attending any training. Candidates can do so at their own risk. The candidate that feels prepared enough to demonstrate their practical and professional skills during the exam, can purchase an eCIR voucher and go through the certification process.

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