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eLearnSecurity Management and Instructors

Armando Romeo - CEO, Founder and Lead Instructor

Armando Romeo is the founder of eLearnSecurity, responsible for day-to-day management as well as content creation and delivery of all company courses. Prior to founding eLearnSecurity, Armando served as administrator and head of security for the Hackers Center Research Group and IT Security Services Manager for the Italian Security Brigade. Armando's has extensive experience and expertise in the areas of network security, information security, secure coding and design, Web application security, penetration testing and security awareness.

During his career, Armando has conducted hundreds of web application and network security assessments. Armando is author of the seminal work on Internet security, titled Penetration testing course - Web App Security. He holds a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering from the Università di Pisa.

Domenico Quaranta - CTO

Domenico Quaranta has been member n. 1 of eLearnSecurity joining the founding team since the early days. He has been a strong contributor to the technology, infrastructure and culture of eLearnSecurity. Currently he serves as CTO and he is responsible for the business automation platform and any web application related project.

Domenico has a strong experience and expertise in a variety of fields including: web applications (design, development, security and penetration testing), server management, secure coding and virtualization. His research is mainly focused on cloud computing and the web applications sandboxing mechanisms.

He is actively involved in many eLearnSecurity projects: he is the Designer and Tech Lead of the Coliseum framework and the Hera Lab. Moreover he is Tech Lead and responsible for the project . He holds a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering from the Università di Pisa.

Brett D. Arion - General Manager and Lead Instructor, U.S.A.

Brett D. Arion is a co-founder of eLearn Security. He has two decades of experience in the IT industry, with over half dealing with IT Security, including positions ranging from technical and architectural, up to Senior Management. He has extensive experience in the areas of IT Operational Security processes, procedures, and methodologies as well as Network and Security Architectural design and optimization skillsets provide a broad spectrum of Information Security disciplines and interests. Brett has also been involved with a number of key regulatory requirements such as Payment Card Industry (PCI), Federal Information Systems Management Act (FISMA), and DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP), and the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA). An avid student of Information Security, Brett currently holds a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification.

As a leader in the security industry, Brett works to continually monitor all industry trends. He demonstrates that an educated user community is a powerful weapon in network and Internet security. Brett also participates in security related organizations such as Infragard, and currently serves on the Board for the local FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association. Brett is author of Penetration Testing Course - Network Security

Francesco Stillavato - IT Security Researcher and Instructor

Francesco Stillavato is Senior IT Security researcher and instructor at eLearnSecurity with 6 years of experience in different aspects of Information Security.His experience spans from web application secure coding to secure network design.He has contributed to the Joomla project as a Developer and has conducted a number of assessments as a freelance. Francesco Stillavato’s research is now focused on Mobile Application Penetration Testing on Android and iOS.

Francesco is the Manager of the eLearnSecurity Hera Lab project, devising new educational scenarios every month and coordinating the efforts of the different external instructors contributing to the project.

Publications: Francesco is the co-author of the Penetration testing course Professional v3, Student v2 and author of all Hera Lab scenarios.

Education: Francesco Stillavato holds a Master’s Degree in Information Security from Università di Pisa

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