Press ReleaseFebruary 2012

Worldwide IT Security Trainer Launches Corporate Penetration Testing Program

PISA, Italy February 06, 2012

"Ethical Hacking" Course Helps Corporate IT Security Professionals Learn Quick, Readily Applicable Methods to Anticipate Hackers and Keep Critical Systems and Data Safe

IT security and teaching leader eLearnSecurity today announced the launch of its corporate licensing plan for its professional online penetration testing course. The course is designed so that IT security departments can affordably train their staff to learn and apply "ethical hacking" techniques that help them find, document and fix potentially expensive security weaknesses.

With self-paced multimedia lessons via the web, the coursework teaches IT security professionals the latest approaches, tactics and countermeasures to security threats. Students are also trained to deliver actionable, commercial-grade penetration testing reports and remediation plans that help companies calculate practical impact of security liabilities.

The course places a unique emphasis on real-world applications; students conduct exercises in a virtual lab, solving scenarios based on security challenges faced by actual companies. Instead of a multiple-choice exercise, the final exam requires students to find and exploit vulnerabilities of a web application. The final deliverable is a report similar to what corporate management would require, which is carefully graded by an eLearnSecurity instructor. In addition, a supervisor console provides a state-of-the art dashboard interface that allows a trainer or a manager to instantly view the exact progress of every student or group of students.

"The supervisor console is invaluable for monitoring the progress of all staff taking the course. It gives us an accurate, up-to-date picture of the training's efficiency and effectiveness. This has made the leading penetration testing course even better" said Terry Middleton, general manager of IT Services, Colorado Springs, USA.

eLearnSecurity offers single-seat licenses for $510 each when three or more are purchased by a company. Professionals who successfully complete the course earn the eCPPT Silver Certificate. "We know of no other professional penetration testing course on the market that offers our breadth and depth of actionable, real-world knowledge at such an affordable price." said Armando Romeo, eLearnSecurity founder and CEO.
"This is a powerful resource for any IT professional who wants to make sure that his or her penetration testing capabilities are up to date."

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