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Meet the Team

Armando Romeo


I make things happen for eLearnSecurity as Founder and CEO. I build amazing teams worldwide. I keep their morale high losing office billiard matches from time to time.

Domenico Quaranta


I have been leading the company's tech team since its inception. I like creating sandboxed infrastructures, scalable web apps and doing weather forecast on my own.

Ilaria Mori


I joined eLS on day 1. Being the only girl in the office I bring style and...order! I love cooking and reading comics. I take care of company administration and customer service.

Francesco Stillavato

IT Sec Researcher

I'm an infosec fanatic geek and security researcher in the network and mobile app field. "Meterpreter session opened" are the words I like to read in my shell.

Giuseppe Trotta

IT Sec Researcher

I'm a constant seeker and maker of troubles, virtualization junkie and puzzle addicted. A simple man...with complex tastes. Sometimes I lose myself within [object Window].

Jens Behnisch

Sales/Marketing Director Global

I love living in sizzling-hot Dubai. As I am passionate about all things E-Commerce I take care of the Sales & Marketing for eLS, of course in well-structured German style.

Davide Asteriti

Sales/Marketing Manager Italy

I'm passionate about marketing and communication and I have a mission: advance the career of Infosec professionals. I manage sales and marketing operation in Italy and play creative billiard.

Andrea Tarquini

IT Sec Researcher

I like to try my hand in crazy projects of research and development. Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but it's between madness and genius that the inspiration lives.

Stefano Angaran

Senior Dev/IT Sec Researcher

I pull the strings of eLearnSecurity web projects and IT infrastructure. I'm quite a nice guy but don't show me a poorly versioned code; you've been advised!

Giacomo Trudu

Software Developer

I'm a passionate developer who loves to try new technologies. Give me a computer and enough time and I'll give you what you need.

Davide Girardi

IT Sec Researcher

Hacking is like writing music: you need creativity and technique to support your ideas. It gets fun when you manage to have many "musicians" playing your symphony

Daniele Pedone

Web Developer

I'm an italian software engineer. I like spend my time to learn everything about hacking and computer security. Even though I like spaghetti I'm not a spaghetti coder!

Edcel Suyo

Online Marketing Specialist

I love travel, photography and headstands. Based in sunny Dubai, I handle the online marketing and social media side of eLearnSecurity.

Gabriele Martini

Web Developer

I pledge to do my best in everything i do, not only in software development. I always keep in mind my master's words: "Do, or do not! There is no try!".

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