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Meet the Team

Armando Romeo


I make things happen for eLearnSecurity as Founder and CEO. I build amazing teams worldwide. I keep their morale high losing office billiard matches from time to time.

Davide Carmeci

VP Business Development

I live in Silicon Valley helping the company with product strategy, partnerships and business development. My favourite motto is: "The best way to predict your future is to create it".

Jens Behnisch

Sales/Marketing Director Global

I love living in sizzling-hot Dubai. As I am passionate about all things E-Commerce I take care of the Sales & Marketing for eLS, of course in well-structured German style.

Domenico Quaranta


I have been leading the company's tech team since its inception. I like creating sandboxed infrastructures, scalable web apps and doing weather forecast on my own.

Ilaria Mori


I joined eLS on day 1. I love cooking and reading comics. I take care of company administration and customer service.

Davide Asteriti

Sales/Marketing Manager Italy

I'm passionate about marketing and communication and I have a mission: advance the career of Infosec professionals. I manage sales and marketing operation in Italy and play creative billiard.

Stefano Angaran

Lead Developer

I pull the strings of eLearnSecurity web projects and IT infrastructure. I'm quite a nice guy but don't show me a poorly versioned code; you've been advised!

Daniele Pedone

Web Developer

I'm an italian software engineer. I like spend my time to learn everything about hacking and computer security. Even though I like spaghetti I'm not a spaghetti coder!

Gabriele Martini

Web Developer

I pledge to do my best in everything I do, not only in software development. I always keep in mind my master's words: "Do, or do not! There is no try!".

Jerome Mislos

Content Developer

I am currently based in Dubai. I am the Superhero of course authors of eLS. My goal is to travel places to look for the best coffee in the world.

Rosel Angeles

Customer Service

I am proud Filipina who loves to travel, cook and eat! I am a person who want to try different things that can make me grow. Very passionate with Customer Service. I take care of all Customer Service of eLearnSecurity.

Andrea Salini

Web Developer

I'm a software engineer with the passion of videogames and Risk!-addicted, where I hate to lose. I always give my best in what I do, because the only way to do is to get serious.

Kristoffer Santiago

Social Media Executive

I love sports, travel, popcorn, and making friends. Although I'm pretty much intolerable when there's a game on. I'm also on Facebook and Twitter all day - even at work.

Jon Morales

Graphic Designer

I am a Dubai-based graphic designer who always wander and wonder. My works portray my enthusiasm for colors, lines, patterns and life.

Vincent Sica

Online Community Manager

I live in the US and try to help out students, colleagues and the whole company succeed. I'm a father, a runner and an avid learner about security.

Sam Vega

IT Sec Researcher

I look forward to being challenged. I am always learning something new and looking to share what I know. I am a purple teamer by design and lover of all things infosec by nature.

Gabriele Giuranno

Lead Developer

I'm a developer who likes to explore new technologies and methodologies, always focused on continuous improvement in order to offer the best value to customers.

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