Meet the Team

Armando Romeo


I make things happen for eLearnSecurity as Founder and CEO. I build amazing teams worldwide. I keep their morale high losing office billiard matches from time to time.

Davide Carmeci

VP Business Development

I live in Silicon Valley helping the company with product strategy, partnerships and business development. My favourite motto is: "The best way to predict your future is to create it".

Stefano Angaran

CTO/Lead Developer

I pull the strings of eLearnSecurity web projects and IT infrastructure. I'm quite a nice guy but don't show me a poorly versioned code; you've been advised!

Dimitrios Bougioukas

Training Director

I am conducting IT Security research and training on eLS. I am also highly interested on how advanced cyber threat simulation and strategic threat intelligence can reinforce defenses.

John Thomas

Product Manager

I reside in the heart of Silicon Valley where I engage in my passion for building great technology products. I also love exploring the outdoors and hitting rad trails on my mountain bike.

Carmen Lyall

Training Manager

I'm a storyteller, knowledge seeker, and developer of potential. I enjoy helping people and am passionate about being the catalyst that helps someone take their career to the next level.

Donald C. Donzal

Community Manager

I live in the Chicagoland area around more family members than I have fingers and toes. I founded EH-Net which was acquired by eLS, and remain the Editor-in-Chief as well as the eLS Community Manager. Lifelong learning is a passion that hopefully rubs off on my kids.

Ilaria Mori


I joined eLS on day 1. I love cooking and reading comics. I take care of company administration and customer service.

Davide Asteriti

Sales/Marketing Manager Italy

I'm passionate about marketing and communication and I have a mission: advance the career of Infosec professionals. I manage sales and marketing operation in Italy and play creative billiard.

Gabriele Martini

Senior Web Developer

I pledge to do my best in everything I do, not only in software development. I always keep in mind my master's words: "Do, or do not! There is no try!".

Rosel Angeles

Customer Service

I am proud Filipina who loves to travel, cook and eat! I am a person who want to try different things that can make me grow. Very passionate with Customer Service. I take care of all Customer Service of eLearnSecurity.

Andrea Salini

Senior Web Developer

I'm a software engineer with the passion of videogames and Risk!-addicted, where I hate to lose. I always give my best in what I do, because the only way to do is to get serious.

Marine Dupuy

Social Media Executive

I'm Marine. I come from sunny Bordeaux in the South-East of France... Fun fact about Bordeaux, they produce the best red wine in the world. Yes, it's true! I am responsible for the Social Media channels, CRM, Blog and Forum discussions to handle our students' questions and ... if needed, potential crises.

Jon Morales

Graphic Designer

I am a Dubai-based graphic designer who always wander and wonder. My works portray my enthusiasm for colors, lines, patterns and life.

Gabriele Giuranno

Lead Developer

I'm a developer who likes to explore new technologies and methodologies, always focused on continuous improvement in order to offer the best value to customers.

Augusto Lamona

Web Developer

I love technology, rap music, climbing, skateboarding and I'm a Simpsons addicted. I always try to learn from every kind of situation I'm into. If you wanna lose, challenge me on Fifa.

Andrea Grassi

System Administrator

I'm a sysadmin and I spend my days automating and fixing things, and when possible trying to automate the fixes. I also love role-playing, long walks with my dog and a good book.

Danisha Mendiola

Corporate Account Executive

I love traveling and taking advantage all of the beauty the world has to offer. I am excited to work in the field of Cybersecurity and partner with our customer's to create a new generation of Cybersecurity professionals.

Emanuele Carratelli

Data Scientist

They call me the numbers magician, I love creating reports and finding the hidden stories behind numbers. I like playing football but, like every cliches on engineers, I love STAR WARS.

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