Meet the Team

Armando Romeo


I make things happen for eLearnSecurity as Founder and CEO. I build amazing teams worldwide. I keep their morale high losing office billiard matches from time to time.

Davide Carmeci

VP Business Development

I live in Silicon Valley helping the company with product strategy, partnerships and business development. My favourite motto is: "The best way to predict your future is to create it".

Jens Behnisch

Sales/Marketing Director Global

I love living in sizzling-hot Dubai. As I am passionate about all things E-Commerce I take care of the Sales & Marketing for eLS, of course in well-structured German style.

Stefano Angaran

CTO/Lead Developer

I pull the strings of eLearnSecurity web projects and IT infrastructure. I'm quite a nice guy but don't show me a poorly versioned code; you've been advised!

Dimitrios Bougioukas

Training Director

I am conducting IT Security research and training on eLS. I am also highly interested on how advanced cyber threat simulation and strategic threat intelligence can reinforce defenses.

John Thomas

Product Manager

I reside in the heart of Silicon Valley where I engage in my passion for building great technology products. I also love exploring the outdoors and hitting rad trails on my mountain bike.

Carmen Lyall

Training Manager

I'm a storyteller, knowledge seeker, and developer of potential. I enjoy helping people and am passionate about being the catalyst that helps someone take their career to the next level.

Donald C. Donzal

Community Manager

I live in the Chicagoland area around more family members than I have fingers and toes. I founded EH-Net which was acquired by eLS, and remain the Editor-in-Chief as well as the eLS Community Manager. Lifelong learning is a passion that hopefully rubs off on my kids.

Ilaria Mori


I joined eLS on day 1. I love cooking and reading comics. I take care of company administration and customer service.

Davide Asteriti

Sales/Marketing Manager Italy

I'm passionate about marketing and communication and I have a mission: advance the career of Infosec professionals. I manage sales and marketing operation in Italy and play creative billiard.

Gabriele Martini

Web Developer

I pledge to do my best in everything I do, not only in software development. I always keep in mind my master's words: "Do, or do not! There is no try!".

Rosel Angeles

Customer Service

I am proud Filipina who loves to travel, cook and eat! I am a person who want to try different things that can make me grow. Very passionate with Customer Service. I take care of all Customer Service of eLearnSecurity.

Andrea Salini

Web Developer

I'm a software engineer with the passion of videogames and Risk!-addicted, where I hate to lose. I always give my best in what I do, because the only way to do is to get serious.

Marine Dupuy

Social Media Executive

I'm Marine. I come from sunny Bordeaux in the South-East of France... Fun fact about Bordeaux, they produce the best red wine in the world. Yes, it's true! I am responsible for the Social Media channels, CRM, Blog and Forum discussions to handle our students' questions and ... if needed, potential crises.

Jon Morales

Graphic Designer

I am a Dubai-based graphic designer who always wander and wonder. My works portray my enthusiasm for colors, lines, patterns and life.

Fabrizio Siciliano

IT Sec Researcher

As security researcher and instructor at eLS, with a background as a penetration tester, naturally I'm a knowledge seeker and enjoy figuring out what makes things tick. I'm also a musician and composer since twelve years old. Give me some sunshine, a decent tune, a good read (the kind made with paper preferably), and I'm good to go.

Gabriele Giuranno

Lead Developer

I'm a developer who likes to explore new technologies and methodologies, always focused on continuous improvement in order to offer the best value to customers.

Augusto Lamona

Web Developer

I love technology, rap music, climbing, skateboarding and I'm a Simpsons addicted. I always try to learn from every kind of situation I'm into. If you wanna lose, challenge me on Fifa.

Andrea Grassi

System Administrator

I'm a sysadmin and I spend my days automating and fixing things, and when possible trying to automate the fixes. I also love role-playing, long walks with my dog and a good book.

Danisha Mendiola

Corporate Account Executive

I love traveling and taking advantage all of the beauty the world has to offer. I am excited to work in the field of Cybersecurity and partner with our customer's to create a new generation of Cybersecurity professionals.

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