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Penetration Testing Student

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Tailored to complete beginners, PTSv3 is the best first step towards becoming a Penetration Tester you can take. It covers Networking and Programming skills up to the most important basics of Penetration Testing.
Category:Penetration Testing, Hera

Practical Network Defense

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Practical Network Defense is a practical course which covers the network and system security topics. The lessons include full practical setup guides and include a virtual lab in Hera for the student to practice their new skills before deploying these technologies and strategies in a production network.
Category:Network Security, Penetration Testing, Hera

Advanced Reverse Engineering of Software

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This fundamental course teaches you the theoretical and practical knowledge required to perform advanced reverse engineering of software on assembly level in third party software and/or malware. Through a series of lessons, which also involve several challenges to be solved and to play with, you will be taught all the necessary skills to succeed as a professional reverse engineer
Category:Security, Reverse Engineering

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