Student v.2 - Beginner Course
Self-Paced and Practical Online Penetration Testing Training

Experience the definitive penetration testing course for beginners and attend from the comfort of your home.

The Penetration Testing course Student is the best first step if you want to become a Penetration Tester.

This course will give you all the basics necessary to prepare for more advanced techniques in the future.

  • 900+ interactive elearning slides
  • Learn Python for Pentesters
  • 3 hours of video training
  • Preliminary skills section
  • Penetration testing section
  • Learn how to use pentester tools
  • Real exploitation with HERA Lab
  • Attack real networks
  • Attacks real web applications
  • Self-assessment quizzes
  • Practical sessions
  • Learn Backtrack & Metasploit



New and improved learning material

  • Learn Python scripting for Pentesters
  • Learn and code your first C++ programs
  • Practice in Hera Lab built for Student v2
  • Create 5 Pentester tools with us
  • Practice attacks on real machines
  • Learn on the most up to date materials

New Hera Student Virtual Lab

  • Practice against real targets!
  • Exploits real Web Applications
  • Run V.A. tools against real machines
  • Fully routed networks of computers
  • Dedicated access to your lab
  • Access in VPN from wherever you are



The Best Way To Start Your Career As A Penetration Tester


A Message from Armando Romeo, CEO of eLearnSecurity

Dear Aspiring Penetration Tester,

When I started my career, there were no readily-available resources to learn penetration testing. Information was disorganized and techniques had to be picked up through experimentation, trial-and-error or by speaking to other hackers. This was extremely frustrating.

Learning without a mentor and without a structured approach is what makes 90% of the people give up.

This is a pity since penetration testing is a wonderful job where you are spending your time doing what you love: breaking, fixing, learning, breaking, fixing, and learning. If you work as a freelancer, you can even work at your own home office, without a boss. You are continually exposed to the most innovative ideas discovered by fellow pentesters and have the opportunity to apply your creativity with your own investigations.

Penetration Testers can work full-time, part-time or on projects

So why are there relatively few good pentesters? First, because penetration testing is a difficult job that requires hard work and perseverance. But it also takes knowledge and practical experience. This is exactly what the eLearnSecurity Student course gives you. The course is designed to teach you a structured, practical and effective approach to penetration testing and ethical hacking.

Penetration testing course - Student

Unlike other online courses that apply to all levels, the eLearnSecurity Student Course has been designed specifically for beginners!

During our countless training sessions, we took note of all the questions, needs and frustrations of our beginner students. We spent a great deal of time understanding the issues beginners have during their early days in the field and then produced the best training material to answer these challenges. This has made a big difference to the success of our students.

We also know that you will not understand advanced attacks if you do not have a sound understanding of networks and web applications. This is why we developed the ONLY course on penetration testing that teaches you basics of Networking and Web applications. This is a huge plus for our students.

Our jargon free explanations, animations and video lessons provide you with the most interactive courses on the subject available today. We designed the course to meet such high standards that students who start with just a basic knowledge of computers should be proficient enough to:

check Correctly understand what's involved in every penetration testing engagement
check Perform vulnerability assessment on a variety of targets through the use of vulnerability scanners
check Carry out specific exploitation of targets using the most appropriate tools
check Develop Python programs and understand C++ code

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Build Strong Basics with Our Unique Course for Beginners




The Student Penetration Testing course is divided in two main sections: Preliminary skills and Penetration testing.
Students can begin the course with any of the two sections. However, we recommend that you first go through the networking, web application and programming basics.

Preliminary skills covers everything a future penetration tester should know before applying any penetration testing techniques.

The student will learn basics of networking and networking protocols through animations and practical exercises. Basics about Web Applications are provided in order to prepare the student with the skills necessary to perform attacks to Websites and Web Applications.

The Preliminary skills section will also answer the most common questions beginners have, including:

check How does a real penetration test occur?
check What are the phases of a penetration test?
check How should I deal with a client?

Vulnerability assessment is one of the foundations of every penetration test. Students will learn how to use Nessus, the most famous and powerful Vulnerability scanner available today.



Programming section is the new section introduced in v2 that finally solves the most common problem among beginners: knowing how to program. This has been a barrier for too much time. Now with Penetration Testing Course Student, beginners can learn Python and C++ through an effective learning methodology: learn by doing.

The student will learn Python language basics and will create 5 different scripts useful to a Penetration Tester.

Empowered with this skills, the student will be able to automate most of the steps of the Penetration Testing process becoming more efficient and self-confident during a real world engagement.
Students will learn C++ and develop their first simple programs in this difficult language.

Understanding Buffer overflows and shellcoding will become much easier with the understanding of the C++ language.

At the end of this section the student will possess the necessary confidence and capabilities to move to the next phase: the Penetration Testing section.


Penetration Testing section is a thorough journey through a penetration test: the student will be guided through a penetration test in all its phases: from information gathering to actual exploitation of systems.

Students will learn how to leverage the power of social networks and the most important tools to gather valuable information on the target organization. Interactive slides and video lessons will make studying fun and enjoyable while minimizing each student's learning curve.

Interactive slides and video lessons will make studying fun and enjoyable while minimizing student's learning curve.

The student will then be exposed to the most important port scanning techniques and the use of the most important port scanning tool: nmap.

Once ports and services have been enumerated and a remote network map has been created, the student will have the choice to select which attacking techniques apply to each discovered system and network device!

The student will learn how to attack Windows and Linux boxes as well as server daemons. Advanced vulnerabilities like Buffer overflow will be introduced with jargon-free examples. The most important web application related vulnerabilities will be covered with real world examples: XSS and SQL injection will finally be crystal clear to the student.

The intensive use of Backtrack and Metasploit Framework will provide the student with readily usable skills and the necessary confidence to move on with more advanced topics.






Armando Romeo is the founder of eLearnSecurity and author of the Penetration Testing Course Student.
Prior to founding eLearnSecurity, Armando had founded the Hackers Center Security research group with which has published over one hundred security advisories on open-source and commercial web applications. During his career, Armando has conducted a number of web application and network security assessments. He has served as Consultant and Head of Italian business for Security Brigade, a leading Penetration testing services company based out of Mumbai, India.
He holds a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Pisa.

Francesco Stillavato
Francesco Stillavato is a security researcher and trainer at eLearnSecurity. He holds a Master's degree in Information Security at University of Pisa. He's co-author of Penetration Testing Course Professional v3 and Student v2 .
Currently involved in Network and Mobile Security research in eLearnSecurity R&D labs in Pisa, he's the manager of the Hera Lab project devising new scenarios and integrating new network topologies and operating systems within Hera infrastructure.



Practice At Home, Legally, with Hera Lab


The most sophisticated virtual lab on Penetration Testing in the world is now made available to all the students of the Student v2 training course.

A scenario has been specifically created for this training course. It's the Hera Student Lab.

The Student will connect in VPN to the remote virtual lab network where vulnerable workstations/servers will be available for test.

During the training course the student will perform the following labs:

check Using nmap to perform a port scan
check Using Nessus to find vulnerabilities
check Finding & Exploiting vulnerabilities in Web applications
check Using Hydra to crack passwords
check Exploiting Windows Null sessions
check Using Metasploit to perform remote exploitation
Each Student enrolled in the eLearnSecurity course will receive a Lab set-up guide in PDF. This will provide step-by-step instructions on how to set-up a home lab using Virtual Box or VMware.


Vulnerable virtual machines will be provided and used during the course to provide practice in the learned attack techniques.


If you want to delve deeper into practical Web application exploitation you can also add eLearnSecurity's unique and innovative Coliseum Lab WAS360 to the package.

This is the famous virtual lab running on eLearnSecurity's servers that allows our students to practice attack techniques related to Web Application Security, in a user-isolated sand-boxed environment against 14 different real-world scenarios . Coliseum Labs also helps the student acquire real world skills readily usable in a real penetration testing engagement.



How can I add Coliseum Lab WAS360 to the package?


You can click on Enroll and opt for one of the bundle packages that include eLearnSecurity's Coliseum Lab WAS360.

All You Need To Know Before Enrolling In Our Course


The Student Penetration testing Course is tailored for beginners and everyone can enroll in the course.


If you are completely new to information technology and computers, chances are you will have some difficulties.
You can focus on the Preliminary Skills section and build your background through the resources and books that we provide throughout the first part of the course.


The eLearnSecurity training has been designed to allow students to go through external resources at their own pace.

Life-time access to course material means that you are free to decide when and for how long to study. The pace is entirely up to you.


Read what our clients, Industry experts and Leading Information Security websites say about us...





This course provided beginning, intermediate and advanced Penetration Testing exercises. I was able to progress at my own pace and develop a deeper understanding of this skills and knowledge to further my career in information security. I was challenged and pleased to be presented with a course that was designed with simplicity, but maintained techniques that were informative and industry guided. I refer backing to the training often to clarify my understanding. Overall the student course was sophisticated and efficient to increase my knowledge in the Penetration testing arena. I would recommend enrolling in courses provided by eLearnSecurity.

Chris Matthews

The student course is very comprehensive and covers more than the required aspects of the modules. The interface is easy to use and the videos included are very helpful in giving you a step by step guide for the more complex tasks. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to start in penetration testing and puts you in a good position to start a career in the area of penetration testing.

Theodore Judice , Osaze Systems IT Consulting

I think that eLearnSecurity course is the best course suited for the beginners in the penetration testing field. It is well made, not expensive and it will explain all the topics in a clear manner. Thanks!

Lucian Andrei

If penetration testing is what you are looking for, then look no further than the eLearnSecurity team. The resources were second to none and the knowledge the guys have got is amazing. This is the best course that I have taken by far.

Daniel Morris

Frequently Asked Questions



If you have questions that you don't find answered here please contact us.


What are the software/hardware requirements?

You need to have a web browser with a Flash plug-in enabled.

In order to study the course you won't be forced to use any particular OS. However you will be provided with a copy of Backtrack or you can use your own. If you run Backtrack as a virtual machine, you are should have at least 2Gb RAM, 4GB is better.

An internet connection speed of at least 128Kbit/s. 256Kbit/s or higher is recommended.



How do you provide support?

As soon as you enroll in one of our courses you are provided with access to private forum where you will find instructors and community managers available to help you 24/7.

Response time is usually a matter of hours (sometimes minutes).

Support for billing, technical and exam-related questions is also provided through email, ticketing service and Live chat.



How can I pay?

We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, Wire transfer, 2Checkout, MoneyBookers, Purchase Order.

MoneyGram or Western Union are NOT accepted.



Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees. If you are from a country where VAT is required, you have to add VAT to our ticket price. We are legally obligated to collect VAT on your behalf.



What happens when there are new updates to the course contents?

You have lifetime access to course material and we will include minor updates to the contents free of charge. Minor updates include: an addition of a new module, a new video, bug fixes, improvements to labs, addition of a small number of new labs.

You have lifetime access to course material and we will include minor updates to the contents free of charge. Minor updates include: an addition of a new module, a new video, bug fixes, improvements to labs, addition of a small number of new labs.

When we issue a new major upgrade you can upgrade to the new version with a minor upgrade fee, or keep your current version. The upgrade fee will be established proportionally to the amount of new content added and according to the time elapsed between your enrollment and the release of the new content. Note: if you enroll today and we issue a new major release you will get the new release for free.

There is no published update schedule and we reserve the right to issue minor or major updates when we see the need.



Can I request a refund if contents are too difficult for me?

We only process refunds/chargebacks for fraudulent transactions.



Will this course teach me how to hack into Facebook/Twitter/[Younameit] ?

No. This is a serious course on Penetration testing.



Will this course teach me how to use Backtrack and Metasploit?

Yes, our course covers how to exploit a remote computer using Metasploit as well as the other most important tools penetration testers use.