Penetration Testing Student - PTS - Plans & Pricing

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Barebone Barebone Full Full Elite Elite
Training Material - Lifetime Access yes yes yes
Downloadable Training Material in PDF Format no no yes
Mobile Access (HTML 5 Version) for iOS, Android and Windows Phone yes yes yes
Video Training Material (4+ Hours) no yes yes
Access to HERA Lab (12 Different PTS Lab Challenges For Hands-On Training) no 30 Hours 60 Hours
Tech Support Via E-Mail yes yes yes
Lifetime Forum Access- Direct Support From Instructors no yes yes
Final Exam no yes yes
eJPT Regular Certification Voucher + 1 Free retake no yes no
eJPT Infinity Certification Voucher - No Expiry + 3 Free retakes no no yes
eCertificate: Secure Digital Certificate that can be Shared with HR no yes yes
Enrollment Fee in US$
*Fees guaranteed until 31/03/2019. This highly discounted enrollment fee applies to individual students only.
FREE - Invite Only! $1,199$299 $1,299$399
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