Penetration Testing Student - PTS - Plans & Pricing

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Barebone Barebone Full Full Elite Elite
Training Material - Lifetime Access yes yes yes
Downloadable Training Material in PDF Format no no yes
Mobile Access (HTML 5 Version) for iOS, Android and Windows Phone yes yes yes
Video Training Material (High Definition Videos with Voice Over) no yes yes
Access to HERA Lab (16 Different PTS Lab Challenges For Hands-On Training) no 30 Hours 60 Hours
Access to HERA Lab (3 Black-box Penetration Testing Labs) no no yes
Tech Support Via E-Mail yes yes yes
Lifetime Forum Access- Direct Support From Instructors no yes yes
Final Exam no yes yes
eJPT Regular Certification Voucher + 1 Free retake no yes no
eJPT Infinity Certification Voucher - No Expiry + 3 Free retakes no no yes
eCertificate: Secure Digital Certificate that can be Shared with HR no yes yes
Add Unlimited Lab Time for PTSv4 Labs.
Enrollment pricing in US$
*Promotional pricing guaranteed until Dec 09, 2025.
FREE - Invite Only! $1,299$399 $1,399$499
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