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Why eLearnSecurity

Companies from all over the world already use eLearnSecurity to train their penetration testing and auditing teams, web- or mobile-developers (coders) as well as defensive security staff. Our virtual labs or customized solutions will transform your IT team into a highly skilled first defense against cyber-attacks, hacking attempts and more with ready-to-use hands-on IT Security skills. Your non-IT staff can be trained with our highly engaging interactive Security Awareness training.

Transform your team through training

End up with skilled developers or a top performing IT Security team.

Equip your staff with top of the line hands-on skills. Managed and Certified! Interactive training solutions make this exciting and fun.

Company internal virtual labs on premise

Virtual labs instill hands-on skills on company focused scenarios

Educate your team on real life customized scenarios with inhouse virtual labs, installed and accessed from within your own IT systems.

Secure your weakest link

A lightweight companywide security awareness solution

Any successful defense involves the whole team. Increase the security awareness within your organization to ensure a high overal security level.

Tailormade IT Security solutions

Want a solution tailormade for your organization?

Sometimes a pre-packaged solution is good, most of the time customization brings even better results.

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