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Helping your IT students develop up-to-speed, industry standard skills in penetration testing makes them more hirable the minute they graduate. Penetration testing is a critical component of any corporate, university or government IT security program. While there are many courses, seminars, and certifications available, eLearnSecurity offers the best value - comprehensive coursework at a competitive price.

Penetration testing is a discipline and a practical skill set, not just a passive body of knowledge. A good course will train students to do more than just pass a multiple-choice test; it will train them in the practical aspects of penetration testing and ethical hacking, giving them more than just knowledge - it delivers an applicable, real-world understanding of the tools and techniques that help keep company data and systems safe.

This understanding does not have to come at a steep price. eLearnSecurity's courses deliver more comprehensive content than our primary competitors - at considerably better value.

This understanding does not have to come at a steep price. eLearnSecurity's courses deliver more comprehensive content than our primary competitors - at considerably better value.

eLearnSecurity has special discounts and even FREE licenses for Universities and College students.
Students will learn:

check Common processes during a penetration test
check Step-by-step techniques, hierarchies and relationships between attack-defense

Unlike the other courses, eLearnSecurity teaches:

check Web 2.0 security - the latest approaches, tactics and countermeasures
check Accurate reporting: How to speak risk to executives and code to developers
check Logic flaws: Is a system secure on its underlying basis?
check Business-aware remediation planning

The eCPPT exam itself is not just a multiple-choice quiz testing memorized information. Rather, it asks the student to find and exploit vulnerabilities of a certain web application, directly applying the knowledge they gained in the eLearnSecurity modules. The deliverable is a report similar to what IT departments demand in the real world, which is carefully graded by an eLearnSecurity instructor.

With eLearnSecurity, students learn:

check How to report findings in terms of risk, impact and monetary loss - hard, actionable data.
check How to report vulnerabilities and calculate practical impact as it relates to the client's business.
check How to deliver remediation plans prioritized according to the impact of each finding.

Another unique and powerful feature of the eLearnSecurity University Training is the Supervisor Console, a state-of-the art dashboard interface that allows instructors and professors to instantly view the exact progress of every student or group of students.

Schools and universities get all this for only $510 per license when signing up three or more participants. eLearnSecurity delivers a more practical penetration testing education, and a far more comprehensive one, than anyone in the market. Rather than just offering a simple, easy multiple-choice test for your students to pass, eLearnSecurity gives them hard, actionable skills that will make them more attractive candidates for corporate, university and government positions.

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" Top quality training materials + online LAB is a perfect combinations of theory and practical hands-on. "

Chee Tiong Ho ( Sr. IT Executive )

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