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Affordably Preparing Your IT Team to Find Security Weaknesses Before Hackers Do

eLearnSecurity's corporate security training packages are an effective way to validate and enhance your organization's network security. They'll enable you to effectively train an internal staff of security auditors, and provide you easy-to-use tools to track your team's progress.

Your organization may allocate considerable IT budget to thwart hackers out to steal records, sabotage systems, or simply deface web pages. Firewalls, antivirus, anti-malware, WAF's and encryption - all of these cost money to implement, maintain and operate. But how do you know if they are effective?

Bring Penetration Testing Expertise In-House - Affordably

To find weaknesses - and fix them before they attract the attention of a hacker - you need to look at your systems from the outside by conducting regular security audits, also known as penetration testing in their most thorough form. Audits will highlight strengths and weaknesses, showing which parts of your security spend are effective and which are not. They'll show you where you can make easy fixes (such as closing applying a patch) to correct the low-hanging-fruit security weaknesses on which hackers prey.

You can hire an outside contractor, but there are a number of reasons your may prefer to train your own staff. It's cheaper, for one. Two, you're not exposing key data and intellectual property to outsiders, and it's less embarrassing when (as an audit is designed to do) weaknesses and vulnerabilities are revealed.

Self-Guided Courses Help IT Staff Practice What They Learn - While Keeping Supervisors in the Loop

eLearnSecurity offers the most cost-effective, comprehensive way to train your staff in penetration testing. While other courses focus solely on breaching techniques, eLearnSecurity's training considers the fact that the actual penetration test is only a part of the full security audit. The findings need to be presented clearly, and a remediation plan needs to be offered. Our training will give your staff a full understanding of all security aspects, providing a step-by-step laboratory approach that lets students easily practice what they've learned.

In addition, eLearnSecurity's free, fully-integrated Supervisor Console helps you keep track in detail of the progress your staff are making - how fast they're moving, as well as where they are stumbling and where extra security may be needed.

Penetration testing is a vital element of information security, because it's how you confirm that the rest of your security works in the first place. eLearnSecurity's corporate package is the simplest, easiest-to-deploy and most comprehensive way to bring that essential knowledge into your organization - protecting your bottom line and customer trust by making sure that your staff can find security weaknesses before hackers do.

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" Top quality training materials + online LAB is a perfect combinations of theory and practical hands-on. "

Chee Tiong Ho ( Sr. IT Executive )

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