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The Challenges: Security in cyberspace is a necessary fact of life. Itís big news when a hacker attacks a notable target - TJX, Google, or a major bank or credit card company - but in the same way that a major bank robbery makes the news and a mugging doesnít, there are constant low-level attacks against smaller organizations that are very harmful.

At eLearnSecurity, we believe the challenges are to (1) protect company systems from costly hacker intrusions and (2) find tools and training to affordably and effectively enhance IT security.

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check Why penetration testing is an extremely efficient way to improve your IT security
check How hackers are damaging companies and what it could be costing you
check The value of penetration testing and how this disclipline differs from hacking.
check In-house vs. Outsourced Penetration Testing and why to choose one approach over the other approach.

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