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MISSION: Dubai Video Entries

On October 2016, we launched MISSION: Dubai, the biggest video competition this side of IT Security has ever seen. In the goal of spreading the word on how eLearnSecurity training has helped in advancing the careers of IT security professionals the world over, we asked our students to become eLS brand ambassadors and tell others about what they’ve accomplished.

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Uncle Sam Wants You in the US Army….’s Systems

A few years ago, hacking the United States Government might have landed you with Computer Fraud and Abuse Act charges and a lengthy stint in a federal penitentiary. Fast forward to 2016 – hacking the US would still bring you behind bars, save for a few select systems.

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eLearnSecurity’s Black Friday Deal

The biggest consumer shopping day in America has come to eLearnSecurity earlier than expected this year in the form of the 4-In-A-Box Bundle!     From November 8th up until Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all the way towards the end of the month, you can combine 4 of the courses your career is going to be most thankful for into one pocket-friendly bundle. 

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Hunt for brainXploit 7’s vulnerabilities

Like solving puzzles? This challenge might be right up your alley! See if you can find the security vulnerability (or is it vulnerabilities?). Remember to post your answers in the brainXploit thread in the eLearnSecurity Community Forums. New to brainXploit?

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November’s 4-In-A-Box Bundle Deal

We’re celebrating the Black Friday sale ahead of everyone else! This month, you have the chance to enroll in any four of our training courses while also saving up to $2000 on course fees. Until the end of November, the 4-In-A-Box Bundle is available for only $2999.

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