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Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing v2 Refreshed

We know it, you know it: things go by at warp speed in the mobile world. Everything – from the hottest smartphone models, the latest operating systems, to the freshest apps – becomes prehistoric and replaced with something faster/stronger/flashier/shinier almost as soon as it launches.

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Your Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing v2 training course has been refreshed!

Thank you for being one of the earliest students of the Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing v2! First and foremost, we want to congratulate the select few of you for blazing through the certification. And, to those who are yet to take the exams, don’t stop – your eMAPT is already on the horizon!

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NETsoc used eLearnSecurity training for the TacOps CTF event

The Networking and IT Security Society, or NETsoc, recently concluded their 7th annual TacOps on March 4th, 2017 at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) Networking Lab in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. The organization’s premiere winter event, TacOps tests challengers’ cybersecurity prowess and know-how with various attack and defense competitions, squaring them off against peers and international participants.

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brainXploit 10: Vulnerability Hunt 2

Before we go on an altogether different vulnerability hunt on Tuesday with Google’s Kostya Serebryany, warm up by tackling this regular expression brainXploit challenge.   We’ll wait for your answers in the brainXploit thread in the eLearnSecurity Community Forums.

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Cyber Security Challenge Belgium 2017

As some of you probably figured out already, we just can’t get enough of a good hacking event here at eLearnSecurity. And now, we’re back at it – we’re pleased to announce that we’ve collaborated with Cyber Security Challenge Belgium as one of its prize partners for the third installment of this security competition.

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