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Coliseum Lab

Coliseum is the framework, developed by eLearnSecurity R&D team, that allows spawning new vulnerable web applications on the fly within a secure sandbox.

Coliseum Lab is being used by Universities, Governments and thousands IT Security professionals in over 130 countries. Check out why.

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Practice on real world web applications. Install none.

Each scenario on Coliseum Lab is devised by our researchers to teach you web application security topics or to challenge your skills with real world penetration testing scenarios. It runs in our cloud servers and you only need a web browser to use it.

Enjoy your sandbox.

With Coliseum you can instantiate a new isolated environment, the sandbox, wrapping your vulnerable application. At any given moment you will be the only user in the sandbox hence it's 100% safe to use and...smash with your tests.

You spin me right round like a record baby

Click Start. In few seconds your scenario will be deployed on our infrastructure. Once you are done practicing, just like a record cassette you can hit Stop and Coliseum will save the state of your lab. You can then resume from where you left off. Even days later!

Pay only for what you use

Busy schedule ahead? You cannot anticipate how much time you can dedicate to Coliseum lab fun? Coliseum allows you to benefit from an on-demand plan where you buy “lab-time”. Your time is deducted by the minute only while you are connected to the lab!

Dropped that database table?

Or altered files as part of your tests? Don't worry, Coliseum is built for that! Every sandbox is disposable and can be re-built in seconds: just hit the reset button to have it fresh again. This is simply the best way to practice web application security.


Sandboxes delivered in 2013


TeraBytes of RAM allocated


Servers holding sandboxes

Get immediate access to Coliseum Lab!

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